Early Access Update #1 and RPS Article

It’s been a great first week! Thanks to everyone who’s been playing and giving feedback in the¬†forums. As I’ve mentioned, I’m trying to post an update every Friday. This first one is primarily bug fixes but includes a few additions as well. It’s live right now on Steam. You may need to restart Steam to force the update. It should be about 15MB. Below is a list of the changes and I’ve also added an Update file in the game folder if you want to dig through that.

Of course, if anything listed below is still broken for you or not working as you’d expect please post in the forums or shoot an email to help@duel-boot.com. Oh, and be sure to check out the article¬†about Verde Station that was posted today over on Rock, Paper, Shotgun. It’s a fun conversational style but does include some spoilers if you haven’t played yet.

Update Log (includes mild spoilers):

  • Fixed: Players could get stuck in the kitchen table as it came down
  • Fixed: Double walls in the Food Storage area.
  • Fixed: Player could push through skybox while holding an item.
  • Fixed: Typo in Jeff message Kitchen, Day 1
  • Fixed: Sticky pad in bedroom would get stuck on player and environment
  • Fixed: Crate lid in bedroom would get stuck on player and environment
  • Fixed: Footsteps outside of airlock
  • Fixed: Crosshair would move if player Alt+tabbed out of the game and back in.
  • Fixed: Station hum could be heard outside of station
  • Fixed: Audio went to right channel only outside of station
  • Fixed: Ambient station hum too loud in bedroom and greenhouse.
  • Fixed: Music in greenhouse faded too abruptly when entering hallway.
  • Added: Screen textures in Control Room now lighted. Also shutdown with station reboot.
  • Added: Bay window barrier switch now flashes so it’s more noticeable.
  • Added: Mouse Sensitivity
  • Added: Invert Y axis for mouse
  • Added: FOV selection
  • Added: Save system for all options like mouse sensitivity, volume, etc. Now saves when game is shutdown.
  • Added: Loading screen for first open and game over.
  • Added: This Update file to the build.
  • Changed: Color of text on locker to white so it’s more noticeable.

A few Notes:

  • Lots of options were added to the main menu, but most are not in the pause menu yet, ONLY the main menu. They will be on the next update.
  • Volume for music saves but sound effects currently don’t. Hopefully that will be in the next update.